The Open Learning Initiative’s course delivery platform has been an exemplar of CMU’s learning science-based approach since it was established in 2002, serving over 10,000 course sections to almost 600,000 academic learners and millions of independent learners.   While the platform has served us well, it is time to apply what we’ve learned over the past two decades and leverage new technologies to support the next two decades of OLI — we’re looking ahead to improving scalability, tool integrations, authoring, publishing analytics and our look-and-feel.

The next generation OLI platform, Torus, is being developed in order to support these and other issues. The system has already been used in pilots over the past few months, and is already seeing support and interest from Simon partners. As our work progresses, we’ll be working with the larger community of users to understand how we might make OLI a more effective platform for all its users, while also ensuring that the experience is based on CMU’s learning science approach.

2023 Meeting and Topic Schedule

All meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month from 12:30pm – 1:30pm Eastern Time.  Please register to get the Zoom link used for all meetings.

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