The Torus Community

Launched in Fall of 2020, Torus is the next generation implementation of the Open Learning Initiative’s adaptive learning platform, carrying on the tradition of a learning science-based approach to course delivery established with OLI’s legacy platform in 2002. Torus integrates the authoring, delivery, improvement, research, and support of adaptive, online courseware into a single platform, simultaneously applying learning science principles while providing a larger laboratory for expanding our understanding of how humans learn.

The platform rigorously captures robust, semantically informed learner interaction data, which is used to inform and adapt the learner and instructor experience. These same data are used to support iterative course improvement, supporting learning designers and scaffolding all authors in adopting a data-driven perspective. In the aggregate, these data also support learning research, supporting direct experimentation and secondary analysis.

Once a month, we invite all members of the greater Torus community to a meeting where we share information about the Torus roadmap and releases and invite community members to provide feedback.

2024 Meeting and Topic Schedule

All meetings will be held on the first Friday of each month from 12:30pm – 1:30pm Eastern Time.  Please register to get the Zoom link used for all meetings.

Important Links

Date/Roadmap Snapshot Link Topic/Recording Link
March 1 Introduction of the Torus Product Team; Reporting a feature request or bug; Overview of the April 2024 release (v27)
April 5 Demo of the April 2024 release (v27); Look ahead at the Q2 2024 release (v28)
May 3 Cancelled
June 7 Look at the Torus Roadmap for the rest of 2024; Discussion of user experience research and design for Torus
July 5 Demo of the Q2 2024 release (v28); Look ahead at the Q3 2024 release (v29)
August 2 Look at the Torus Roadmap for the rest of 2024 and early 2025
September 6 Update on the Q3 2024 release (v29); Other topic TBD
October 4 Demo of the Q3 2024 release (v29); Look ahead at the Q4 2024 release (v30)
November 1 Look at the Torus Roadmap for 2025
December 6 Update on the Q4 2024 release (v30); Other topic TBD

2021 Meeting Recordings