The Learning Dashboard has multiple levels of reporting. Interact with the graphical displays to view more information for each report. For example, click on the bar or learning objective description to see more details about that objective. Click on the dot plot to see individual students names and to send email. Click on the bar graph to see activities related to sub-objectives.

Do what you do best — teach.

Data from student activities and assessments is displayed in the Learning Dashboard. It includes information about student participation and performance at both the class and individual-student level. Instructors can quickly identify the concepts giving students the most trouble — in real time — and remediate before it’s time to take a test or hand in an an assignment.

Module-Level reports: real-time insight into student learning

Learning Estimates

How well are students learning?

For each Learning Objective

Bar graphs and dot plots
communicate real-time
Learning Estimates at-a-glance.

Identify and email struggling students

Who needs help? Who needs motivation?

Offer immediate help or motivation

Find out quickly which students aren’t participating, or which ones are struggling. Email them right from the dashboard.

Skills and practice exercises

Monitor performance on the component skills that make up each Learning Objective.

Which skills pose the greatest hurdles?

Quickly see how many students have encountered each sub-objective (skills) and how well they’re answering the questions.

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Learning Dashboard
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