OLI’s Programming Community unites educators from San Marcos to Stockholm to research, collaborate, and innovate in computer science education. Since July 2020, we’ve met monthly to hear from our members about challenges they face, using OLI more effectively, and heard from SPLICE

Throughout 2021, we aim to dive deeper into the mechanics of teaching and learning computer science. We’ll compare skill breakdowns, look at activities, and co-design a broader OLI Programming Toolset. 

Meeting and Topic Schedule

For notes and recordings of previous meetings, please see our Programming Community Notes document.

The OLI Programming Community meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:30amEST.

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Date Topic
Jan 13 Pedagogy Share-out 1
Feb 10 Pedagogy Share-out 2
Mar 10 Skill Alignment 1
Apr 14 Skill Alignment 2
May 12 TBD
Jun 9 TBD
Jul 14 TBD
Aug 11 TBD
Sep 8 TBD
Oct 13 TBD
Nov 10 TBD
Dec 8 TBD