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Sample OLI’s Spanish I course in a media-rich and interactive environment, driven by video that was shot on-site in Guadalajara, Mexico. This Open & Free version features one unit of content.
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Spanish I is media-rich and interactive, driven by video that was shot on-site in Guadalajara, Mexico. This course is available for low-cost use by instructor-led classes of enrolled students, and can be adapted for a hybrid delivery system or solely distance delivery. Please note: the Open & Free version of Spanish I contains just a sample of the content, and not the full course.

The lesson contains short video components to contextualize the material. Segments of the video are then replayed in a variety of interactive activities and tutors. All videos were filmed in Mexico, incorporating authentic speech, cultural references, and gestures.

The beginning of the lesson is a set sequence, from recognition of language, through explicit learning of grammar and pronunciation, to written and spoken production. After this ordered beginning, many activities are offered to the student in which the language learned is used in understanding new texts, sounds or videos, or in creative production. Lesson tests and exams are available only to academic course-key students enrolled in instructor-led courses.

What students will learn

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Learning objectives by module

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Course outline

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Other course details

System requirements

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Some courses include exercises with exceptions to these requirements, such as technology that cannot be used on mobile devices.

This course’s system requirements:

  • for academic course key students only: chat environment and audio recording.
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