The LearnLab Summer School is an intensive one-week course focused on creating technology-enhanced learning experiments and building intelligent tutoring systems. The summer school will provide you with a conceptual background and considerable hands-on experience in designing, setting up, and running technology-enhanced learning experiments, as well as analyzing the data from those experiments in a technology-supported manner.

The summer school lasts five days, evenly split between lectures and hands-on activities. Each day includes lectures, discussion sessions, and laboratory sessions in which the participants work on developing a small prototype experiment in an area of math, science, or language learning. The participants use state-of-the-art tools, including but not limited to the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) development environment, Cognitive Tutor Authoring Tools and other tools for course development, tools for authoring natural language dialog, TagHelper tools for semi-automated coding of verbal data, and DataShop for storage of student interaction data and analysis of student knowledge and performance.

More details about this event, including a link to register for it, can be found on the LearnLab website.