At OpenEd16, the13th Annual Open Education Conference, OLI Director Norman Bier will present “The Open Learning Initiative at 15: Successes, Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead for OLI.” This seminar will begin with a retrospective overview of the fifteen years of OLI’s history, with a high-level look at OLI’s approach, results, and key successes. The presentation will then detail the current state of OLI and its projects, as well as explain its long-term goals and the plans in place to meet those goals. As befits the themes of the OpenEd Conference, this presentation will focus on the “Open” in OLI, detailing how OLI has participated in open education’s vision and ideals.

This presentation will be held at 2:15pm on Thursday, 11/3. More details can be found under its program entry on the OpenEd16 program website.