In the fall newsletter of The Statistics Teacher Network, published by the American Statistical Association, Matt Teachout writes about attempting to solve the challenges faced by community colleges as they transition their curricula for STEM students from calculus preparation to statistics classes. Teachout, a math teacher and statistics coordinator at College of the Canyons, advocates for the services offered by OLI:

In place of a traditional text, I recommend online courseware through OLI (Open Learning Initiative). The courseware is an open educational resource in conjunction with OLI at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon universities. I like to use material from Concepts in Statistics and Probability and Statistics in my classes, but Statistical Reasoning is also available.

OLI courseware is self-grading, with instant feedback for teachers. It shows students interactive graphs, applications, and videos designed to teach topics quickly and more efficiently than complex written descriptions. OLI focuses on high-level conceptual understanding, not practice problems and calculations. If you are interested, OLI courseware is available at