QA November 17th


  • Pooling of checkpoint questions completed, added new checkpoint in probability, along with additional questions created for all checkpoint pools.
  • Shuffling all distractors in checkpoint questions when it does not cause cognitive overload.
  • Check all that apply questions partial-credit scoring model implemented, see scoring model:
  • Partial-Credit Scoring Model

Activities on pages

  • Measures of Center (2 of 2) (1st LBD link on page)
  • Addressed gaps LBD and DIGT, primarily in finishing up this work in the inference section.
  • Ability to iframe in activities, google docs etc.
  • Replacing java applets with html accessible activities, if not done yet updated links to java applets so they work. Tweaks are being made to applets.
    • Measures of Center (2 of 2) (1st LBD link on page)
    • Histogram (1 of 3)
    • Linear Relationships (2 of 8 )
    • Linear Relationships (4 of 8 )*
    • Linear Relationships (6 of 8 ) bottom of page MSW-Algebra review
    • Introduction to Probability (1 of 5)
    • Relative Frequency (1 of 2)
    • Binomial Random Variables (4 of 4)*
    • Introduction to Normal Random Variables(2 of 3)
    • Confidence Intervals for the Population Mean (2 of 8)*
    • Confidence Intervals for the Population Mean (3 of 8)*

*Being worked on and will be completed by production.

  • Adding in new iframe activities with questions.
  • Questions that have a submit and compare answer with tabs has been fixed.
  • All html symbols in assessments have been fixed.
  • Updated some of the StatCrunch instructions working to finish the rest by January.

Walkthrough videos
Two walkthrough videos, one on types of variables and one on point estimation and probability, will be coming soon.

Social science interventions
Updated pre mindset survey
Added mindset survey post
Updated mindset booster interventions

StatTutor in HTML coming soon.

Production release July 30th

  • Main section integrated with primary org sequence- changes all unit/module numbers
  • Added summaries in inference
  • Added some of gap questions for inference
  • Added to variable section, removed link- combined stat exercise
  • All 29 checkpoint questions have been upgraded to comply with assessment best practices for writing assessments questions.
  • Added most of updated R instructions (excluding StatTutor)
  • Added mindset survey
  • Added mindset booster interventions

Updated Big Picture images
did copy edits since there was a fair amount of redundancy on the two pages even though there were right next to each other

Merging Probability page, added big picture to first page