Getting Started

If you are taking this course with an instructor, you will need to get a code or course key from your instructor to begin your course. If you do not have an instructor, simply choose a course from our course listings and click the “Enter Course” link.

Academic Students

Many institutions around the world are using OLI courses as a part of their classes. If your instructor is using OLI, they will provide you with a course key that you will use to register for an OLI course. Once you have a course key, you will need to create an OLI account, then you can enter your course key in the “Register for a course” area.

Some courses have a maintenance fee that helps fund our continuing work on your course. These fees are kept to a minimum and are generally much lower than the cost of a traditional textbook. Credit for course completion will be provided by your academic institution.

Independent Learners

Open and Free Courses are available for independent learners (students not working with an instructor) and include self-guiding materials and activities that are freely available for you to use! Plus, they are available all the time so you can learn at your own pace. No instructors, no credits, no charge.

To start a course, find your course in our course listings and click “Enter Course.” You will have the option to create an account or to simply enter the course anonymously. You can take a course without creating an account, but having an account will be convenient; you will be able to easily return to where you last left off in your course.

We do not provide any certification or verification of completion. If you would like to receive credit or certification for completing the course, you need to make arrangements with an academic institution.


Are you taking a course in order to evaluate it for use in your classroom? If so, you might want to create an instructor account, which will let you test out the full features available to instructors. Contact us to upgrade from a student account or register for an instructor account if you have not already created an account.