As an instructor, you have tools to view and manage your student roster. The student roster can be accessed from your “Manage Course” page or “Syllabus” page.

Your students will be in one of four general states:

Students are successfully enrolled in your course and have access to all open course materials.
If you turned “Auto-admit” off while building your course, you will need to approve each student that requests access. Students who are waiting for your approval appear here.
You can suspend any registered student. Suspension revokes their access to all course materials. You can re-admit the student at any time.
Payment Required
You will not see the names of these students. However, under “Students” on your “Manage Course” page you will see the number of students who have not yet paid for the course (if a payment is applicable).

Suspend and Reinstate Students

You may suspend any enrolled student in your roster by checking the box next to their name and clicking the “suspend” button. That student will be removed from your list of “Registered Students” and appear under “Suspended Students.”

To reinstate that student select the student by clicking the checkbox next to their name. Then click the “Re-admit” button. The student will reappear in your “Registered Students” list. They will regain access to all currently open and available content and activities. However, they will not be able to access any closed material.

Helping Students to Register for Your Course

Creating an Account

When creating an account, the student should go to The first step is to enter their Course Key in the “Register Now” box. They will then be prompted to log-in or create an account. Students should follow the on-screen instruction. If they run into any difficulty, they should e-mail for assistance.

The Course Key

When you create your course, you will be prompted to designate an Course Key. Give this code to your students and TAs. They will not be able to access your course without it.

Each course section will need to have a unique Course Key. This will ensure each student appears in the correct gradebook, roster, discussion board, etc.


All OLI accounts are free. Building courses to use with your students is free. We do have several courses where we have instituted a per-student maintenance fee. These costs help to offset the significant costs of course upkeep, technical support, and new development. These fees are kept as low as possible and are not designed to be a barrier. If they present a barrier to any of your students, please contact us to discuss options.

Students should be told ahead of time about any applicable course fees. These fees will be assessed during student registration and can be paid via credit card through Carnegie Mellon’s on-line payment system. At this time, we do not have the ability to accept cash, checks, or money orders.

We do give a full refund to any student who drops the course within the specified drop period.

System Test and Configure

Please be sure to point your students to our System Test and Configure page. This can be found on the My Courses homepage under “Help and Support” or at the top of the Syllabus page.

It is important for all participants to test each system that will be used with the course. This will ensure that all fonts, plug-ins, players, and software are installed before beginning.