You are able to make global changes to your assessments either while building your course or by accessing Course Settings from your “Manage Course” page.

Note: Global changes will apply to ALL of your assessments, even those that have been completed. For example, You chose to build your course to show no feedback to students. Halfway through the semester you make the global change to provide feedback. Students will see feedback for both future and past assessments.

Customizing Assessment Options

If your course has “high stakes” assessments, you have the opportunity to set many aspects of their administration. During your initial course build, you are able to make global changes. Once your course is built, you will be able to modify settings for individual assessments.



Some assessments provide multiple attempts. This setting will allow you to limit the number of attempts for your students. The default will provide the maximum available attempts.

Scoring Model

If you allow multiple attempts, you can dictate how the system should handle scoring. You can accept only the highest or lowest score. You can average the attempts or you could only accept the first or last score.


You have the ability to set a password for your exams. You can give students this password or, if you plan to proctor in a lab environment, you have the option to give this password to a TA instead.

Late Submit

If your assessments are timed, this will determine how you the system will handle an attempt to submit an assessment after the deadline.

Late Start

If your assessments are timed, this will determine how you the system will handle an attempt to start an assessment after the deadline.

Grace Period

The amount of time (in minutes) that you will accept late work as if submitted on time. Your Late Submit settings will not apply to any assessment submitted during the grace period. The grace period is not displayed to students.

Time Limit

Will allow you to set a time limit for your exams. This time is in minutes.

Note: A timed test “starts” when the student hits the “start” link. If using a password, the password will unlock an attempt but it will not start the attempt, nor will it detract from the time allowed.

Feedback Mode

Determines what feedback the system will give each student and when that feedback will be displayed.

Review Answers

Sets whether or not a student will be able to review their answers before receiving feedback.