Once your course is built and confirmed, you can change several key pieces of your schedule:

  • Course Beginning and End Dates
  • Time Zone
  • Beginning or ending dates of an individual assignment (before the assignment closes)
  • Grant a specific student an exception (not covered below)

There are also key pieces of your schedule that you can NOT change:

  • The global schedule type (i.e. none, automatic, manual or just in time)
  • The due date of any assignment when the activity has already closed.

Modifying a Course Schedule

To modify a course schedule, you need to access the Course Builder. The most direct link to your course schedule is the “Schedule course materials” link found on your Manage Course Page.

Manage course dashboard.

This will take you to the Schedule Course screen where you can change your course’s start date, end date or time zone.

When you have finished making your changes, click the “update” button to save your changes and move on to your detailed schedule.

Note: If you have not made any changes to this screen but still want to proceed to your detailed schedule, you will still click the “update” button.

Next the “Schedule Course” screen will display your entire syllabus, including all scheduled activities. There are two basic operations that can be performed from this page:

  • Scheduling an assignment.
  • Scheduling availability of sections of content (units, modules, etc).

Click the links next to an assignment to access scheduling options.

Detailed descriptions of the scheduling options is provided in the general Scheduling guide under “Advanced Topics” on the Educator Resources page.