Adopting OLI Courses for Remote Instruction?

Follow these five steps:

Step 1: Review Our Materials

From drop-in content to full courses, OLI offers materials in dozens of topic areas. Browse our library of courses where you can match learning objectives to your needs, check out our interactive content, and find materials that can best support your instruction.

Step 2: Create an Instructor Account

Create an instructor account so you can view all materials within a course. You will receive an email when your instructor account is approved. Once approved, you will be able to build courses for review or use.

Step 3: Configure Your Course for Review or Use

Upon logging into your OLI account, you will be brought to your OLI “My Courses” page. You will know your instructor account has been approved when you see the “Create a new course…” link on your My Courses page.  Use the “Create a new course…” link to build a full course to review or for use in your class.

For Review: Choose Simple Mode to build the entire set of course contents in default settings. Courses include learning objectives, expository content, and interactive components, as well as summative and formative assessments. If you only need a portion of the content, note which units or modules you want to use.

For Students Use: Choose Simple Mode for the entire set of course contents with default settings. Select Advanced Mode to re-arrange content and choose specific modules from the course. Follow the steps as indicated.

Step 4: Choose a Delivery Method

We support delivery in two ways: integrating with your institution’s current LMS (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), or using OLI directly. LMS integration supports Single-Sign On capabilities and can be accomplished quickly. Directly using OLI is also an option.

Step 5: Get Your Students Started

If you have chosen to integrate OLI in your LMS, your students are automatically enrolled when they click the OLI link from your LMS.

If you have chosen to deliver directly from the OLI website, share this article to help them access your materials with your Course Key.

    We are here to help!

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