The Manage Course page will provide you with tools and information you will need to effectively administer your course.

General Course Information

The right half of the screen displays basic course information. This includes the list of instructors, the course dates, the admit code, institution and (if applicable) price per student.

This section also provides access to your teaching assistant (TAs) and course roster.

You can add TAs or edit their privileges.
Provides information regarding class size. If you selected to turn off Autoadmit during your course build, you will also see the number of students waiting for your approval. Clicking the link will take you to the roster page.

Student Grades & Reports

View student grades or participation (some activities are not graded).
Unscored Activities
Review activities that require your attention. Most activities are automatically graded, but some include portions that you will need to review, such as text responses.
Learning Dashboard
Get an overview of how your entire class is doing and then get more detailed views of problem areas or of specific students who are struggling.

Course Materials

Course syllabus

The course syllabus lists the course materials in order and displays any applicable dates—such as due dates or availability dates.

Test and Configure My System

Here you can test your current system to make sure it
will run and display course materials.