A Schedule Exception

If a student misses a deadline, you may want to grant them an extension. This can be done through the Schedule Activity window, accessed from the particular activity.

Note: Because the experiments in the Economics course entail live group participation, individual exceptions cannot be granted.


  1. Go to the Syllabus and click on the activity that you want to schedule.

  2. Choose the “Update” link in the “Schedule” section.

  3. Choose the “Individual student exceptions…” action. The system will prompt you for the Account ID of the student for whom you wish to grant an exception.


    Change schedule type
    This allows you to release and close the activity for this individual as needed.
    Change scheduled dates
    This date range will automatically open and expire on a certain date and time.

Once you grant the student an exception, a link to this exception will appear at the bottom of the “Schedule Activity” window. Access to this exception will also appear on your “Schedule Course” page. Click on either of these links to modify the exception or to release/close the activity for the student.

A Grade Exception

When a student submits their answers to an assessment, the resulting document is called an “attempt.” As an instructor you have the ability to manage each of your students’ attempts.


  1. Locate the particular student in the gradebook and expand that row by clicking the arrow next to their name.
  2. Find the particular assessment and click on the student’s score.

A new browser window will open with information about the assessment:


Deleting an attempt

This will delete the student’s attempt entirely and will wipe out the student’s answers. An example of use: A student accidentally hit submit before completing the assessment and you would like them to re-take the assessment.

Click the “Delete” button in the “Attempt” section.

Overriding a grade

This will let you manually enter a grade, but the original grade will be retained. Once a grade is overridden, you will still have the option to revert to the original grade.

Click the “Reset” link in the “Points” section.