What You Can Do

Make a difference in higher education—as an individual collaborator, partner organization, or course or strategic funder. We’re always looking for dedicated, forward-thinking individuals and organizations to help us grow and improve.

If you are using or have recently used an OLI course, we would love to hear from you about your experience. Please provide feedback by filling out our contact form.

Three Ways to Get Involved

Whether you’re an educator, administrator, foundation, researcher, or simply desire to improve higher education, here are three key ways that you can get involved:

[colorBlock title=’Collaborators’] Individuals or faculty with expertise to help create new courses, evaluate current ones, and improve our learning environments.
[/colorBlock][colorBlock title=’Partners’] Organizations that share similar goals, with the ultimate aim of transforming higher education.
[/colorBlock][colorBlock title=’Funders’] Foundations and other organizations that generously fund our work on either specific courses or on broader projects and goals.


Our collaborators are critical to our success and help us stay on the leading-edge of learning science research and the open education movement.

We work with individuals with expertise in areas such as learning science, course design, human-computer interaction, educational technology, and software design in order to continuously develop and improve our courses and overarching learning platform.

We also work with faculty from a wide range of colleges and universities who help enrich our courses with their subject-matter expertise, experience, and zeal for teaching.
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To find an opportunity for collaboration, review our current projects.


Our partner organizations help us pool and share collective knowledge and resources in a smart, efficient, and mutually beneficial manner. We work with other organizations who have similar goals of producing scientifically based courses; providing open access to those courses; and developing a community of use, research, and development.
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Funders are foundations and other organizations who generously support our work on a specific course or on broader projects and goals.
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