STEM Foundations[Enter Course]


This course is design to support the development of foundational skills in workplace communication and mathematics that are used in various STEM careers. The course offers practice using workplace communication and math skills that are encountered in the workforce. The activities are designed to strengthen skills in preparation for entering a college program in a STEM career.

Additional Course Details

Estimated Time to Complete Course:
The complete course will support 12-15 hours of instruction
Topics Covered:
  • Workplace Communications
    • Reading Strategies for Comprehension
    • Writing Skills
    • Writing Structure
    • Listening and Speaking Skills
    • Time Management
  • Mathematics
    • The Number Line and Integers
    • Multiplying and Dividing Integers
    • Order of Operations (MDAS)
    • Fractions
    • Conceptual Equality
    • Signed/Negative Values