Responsible Computing


This course is designed to help students (primarily incoming college freshmen) develop the foundational computing and information literacy skills that they will need to succeed in other courses. The course is available for use in academic settings.

Additional Course Details

Topics Covered:
Responsible Computing, Effective Computing, Safe Computing, and Information Literacy.
Estimated Time to Complete Course:
Half a semester.
Suggested Prerequisites:
Additional Software or Materials Required:

In-Depth Description

This course was specifically designed to be taught at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), but can be used in part or adapted by other institutions. At CMU the course is offered in a hybrid format, meaning that students work through the online course materials and then attend a weekly recitation session to further review concepts that were challenging and to get personalized help with any learning objectives that they couldn’t master on their own.

If you are interested in reviewing the course material to decide if it would be useful at your institution, please contact us.