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Help students learn to collaborate effectively in any class with significant team projects. Faculty teaching a course with a significant team project component (more than 5 weeks) can embed this innovative mini-course to help their students be more successful in group activities.

Course Description

This 2-unit mini-course teaches introductory teamwork, primarily basic diversity and conflict communication skills. It is designed to embed in courses with a significant team project component, assigned when student teams are formed.  It sets expectations for high performance teams, and research has shown that it improves students’ understanding of and attitudes towards teamwork, leading to higher peer review scores and greater efficacy. The 2-3 hour experience includes both online and in-team learning activities.


Get Started

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What students will learn

By the end of this mini-course, students will have basic diversity and conflict communication skills. They will:

  • be motivated to improve their collaboration skills.
  • assess their work styles, conflict styles, social sensitivity, and whether they are internal or external processors.
  • compile and practice sharing collaboration-related information about themselves with their teams.
  • share, as teams, collaboration-related information about members, relate the information to factors affecting success of teams, and discuss contributions expected from individual members.
  • be able to explain the importance of early recognition of conflict by themselves and other team members.
  • be able to choose approaches to conflict strategically rather than habitually.
  • be able to list some features of Active Listening and tell the difference between poor listening and Active Listening.
  • be able to list the features and components of assertion messages.
  • have a basic understanding of when to deploy assertion messages.


System requirements

OLI system requirements, regardless of course:

  • internet access
  • an operating system that supports the latest browser update
  • the latest browser update (Chrome recommended; Firefox, Safari supported; Edge and Internet Explorer are supported but not recommended)
  • pop-ups enabled
  • cookies enabled

Some courses include exercises with exceptions to these requirements, such as technology that cannot be used on mobile devices.

This course’s system requirements:

  • none listed (subject to change)


Cost and payment options

$10 per student

Students are prompted for payment during the OLI course registration process, and can pay with a credit card or an OLI Payment Code purchased from your campus bookstore.


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